Life Lesson You Should Learn Before You Grow Old

Although life is a beautiful thing but sometimes it becomes too much to carry on, I am speaking from my experience in life.

Some of the difficult experiences we have are important lessons we learn, that helps to prevent us from stop making the same mistakes again. These are called life lessons. Once you have learned them you will never go through the same mistakes ever again.

This is the list of life lessons you can learn from life:

Being Happy is Easy –

But sometimes it’s not, especially when there are many people showing off their lavish lifestyle. There are many social media account where people are always posting photos of their elite lifestyle, cars, dresses, parties etc and we instantly start to think “I want that car” or “I want to look like that”. But what you need to remember is that people only show the good side of them. We all have problems in our lives, so obsessing over someone else’s life is only going to make bring some more disturbances. Being content with what you have is the key to happiness.

Let Go of That Anger –

We all have that person in our life that makes us utterly mad and impossible to stand them because of our bitter experience with them. Don’t hold onto that anger, it will only make you bitter inside. That person who did wrong to you is out there and having the best time of their life and you are here loathing them. Is it really worth it? There is really no other way to just keep sitting and hating someone when you can become the bigger person and forgive them for their doing, this is one of the important life lessons people forget about. Let karma take care of it.

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Failing is The Key to Success –

This is one sentence that has been proven more than once. Steve Jobs was fired from his own co-founded company but later he was offered back his position rise from ashes to make his company a global brand. Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity and now he has a channel and famous tourist destination named after him. So, you see that there are people who would be blind to your possibilities but their blindness will not keep you from being successful. But this is simply a life challenge you have to overcome.

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Don’t Become Obsessed with Yourself –

When we are young, we make the mistake to make everything ourselves and start doing things that make us happy without regarding others feelings.  Before you become a mean person who only does what good for them and hurt other people along the way think about this, 40 years later nothing will matter. Disgracing someone to get their job won’t be with you when you’ll count your last days.

Everything is Ever-changing –

Like the moon everything in life changes. Even the pain some of you may be feeling right now will ease with time, you just have to be patient. The troubles you have faced in life are just lessons learned from struggles. Just like the night go away to make way for the orange glow of the day, your struggles are just that passing phase of your life to bring you happiness.

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Love is Everything 

Not the romantic kind we see in movies and sitcoms but the love we feel through our family, friends and even from the stranger who smiled randomly seeing us. Love is a tingly feeling when we feel wanted by someone. That there are some people in this world who would love you o matter what you achieve or done wrong. But we should be the one to initiate with this feeling, we should be kind, forgiving, caring and understanding to make them feel loved too.

You Are Lucky to Be Alive –

Some people will always be more beautiful or richer than us and you can’t change that. What you need to focus on is the fact that you have a healthy life that most people don’t have. You have family, friends and loved one with you and taking them granted is a huge mistake most people make. We work and work to get that nice car or nice clothes and forget to appreciate the best things we have in life. We delay meeting our old friends, family gathering or spending time with our partner until it is too late to go back. When you’ll grow old, don’t feel regret and think “I could’ve done things differently.”

Money Isn’t Everything –

Just like the previous lesson, this one also includes happiness. A majority of people think that money is the solution for everything. That is the most stupid thing to believe. Sure, you can buy worldly positions but that will make you happy for a shorter period of time. There are a lot of people who have more money than they can spend but struggling to find happiness in their life. And there are also those people who barely make a living but are very happy with their lives. Improving your life is always good but you just have to change your perspective on life, just think about what you really want. Unlimited money or unconditional happiness.

Perception is The Truth –

The way you see this world directly affects your reality. If you have a positive lookout you will only feel motivated to do something in life. But when you will become more of a negative kind you will quit even before you started. That is why having positive people in life is very important and the best thing is to have someone as a role model, learn good life lessons from them. Just focus on the result you will achieve when you will become successful and that is enough to make your perspective.

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Never Search for Perfection –

This is really a cliché line but oh so true. Perfection is imaginative, nobody or nothing is perfect in this world. Don’t search for a perfect partner or friend or work because they don’t exist, even you are not perfect.

This is one way to look at this line and the other meaning is to always leave space for improvement. Never think that you know enough to learn anything new or do more. You can never learn enough and thoughts like that don’t leave space for improvements. Always think about how to improve, change yourself to become a better version of you.


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